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Response to the CCE from the DaVinci Group Regarding Proposed CCE Mission Changes

21 Jun 2013 2:57 PM | DaVinci Group (Administrator)

The DaVinci Group

 A nationwide coalition of chiropractic professional associations, clinical specialty organizations, research groups, advocacy organizations and individual practitioners committed to excellence in chiropractic education.




Submitted via email: king@cce-usa.org


June 21, 2013


The Council on Chiropractic Education

8049 North 85th Way

Scottsdale, Arizona 85258


Dear Council,


This letter is sent regarding proposed changes to the Council on Chiropractic Education mission statement. We feel the simplification of the CCE mission statement is a positive move on behalf of the Council, however we would like to express our concern with its content.


As the DaVinci group has expressed to the Council in the past, we feel the Council continues to ignore stakeholders in the profession. The proposed mission statement, we believe, is a good example of this issue where it is solely chiropractic educator and educational institution centered. While we understand the “business” of the CCE is chiropractic educational standards and accreditation, the mission statement represents its reason for being, who it works with, and the vision of what it is looking to create. The proposed mission fails to capture an essential element necessary for a well-rounded mission for a chiropractic accrediting agency, and we feel even does not comply with the Code of Federal Regulations – Title 34 - 602.13 which states:


34 CFR 602.13 - Acceptance of the agency by others.

The agency must demonstrate that its standards, policies, procedures, and decisions to grant or deny accreditation are widely accepted in the United States byundefined

(a) Educators and educational institutions; and

(b) Licensing bodies, practitioners, and employers in the professional or vocational fields for which the educational institutions or programs within the agency's jurisdiction prepare their students.


The Council’s proposed new mission statement does direct its focus on 34 CFR 602.13(a), however completely ignores the stakeholders of 34 CFR 602.13(b). In fact it even overemphasizes its centeredness on the educational community and educational institutions. It is the obligation of the CCE not to just serve the academic community and CCE’s member institutions, but to ensure its acceptance among practitioners and the profession at large. Having a mission that is solely educational community and institution focused, we believe, does not fulfill this obligation to the profession as a whole and 34 CFR 602.13.  

The DaVinci Group, is a nationwide coalition of 73 chiropractic professional associations, clinical specialty organizations, research groups, and advocacy organizations, in addition to individual practitioners committed to excellence in chiropractic education. To our knowledge, this represents the largest coalition of chiropractic organizations in the profession. We can say that we do not feel the proposed mission statement (in its current form) adequately captures an ideal mission statement for a chiropractic accrediting organization, as it ignores the profession as a whole and key stakeholders in the profession. 

We understand that the CCE is in the process of improving its communication and outreach to the profession and stakeholders.  The CCE has even announced a stakeholder committee, details for which are still unknown and we eagerly look forward to learning more about. However based on past experience, we fear that these measures are intended primarily to create a record and appearance that conveys a desire by the CCE to be open to input and more widely supported within the profession, while not meaningfully changing the organization or its operations. The mission of the CCE must express a focus beyond its “business” and represent its purpose in-line with all stakeholders involved, chiropractic educational community and the profession at-large. Mission statements guide the actions of an organization and guide its decision making. Looking at the proposed mission statement for the CCE in its current wording, it looks like these actions and decisions may outright ignore the chiropractic licensing bodies, doctors, professional organizations and even the public which ultimately our profession seeks to serve. 

The DaVinci Group’s suggestion to the Council is to revisit the wording of the proposed mission changes, and to not adopt the current wording as suggested in the memo made available for public comment dated June 3, 2013.  If it would serve the Council, a DaVinci representative can be made available to the Council’s committee drafting the mission change for further suggestions and input.  

We thank the Council for the time and consideration of this important issue that has profound ramifications for all current and future students of chiropractic to be trained at Doctor of Chiropractic Programs, and for the entire profession.



Dan Lemberger, DC

Chair, DaVinci Group Steering Committee



CC:     Ray Bennett, CCE Vice President for Accreditation & Operations

            DaVinci Group Member Organizations

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